Moving from Oculus to Reverb in DCS World VR

Components for an Oculus Pilot Converting to Reverb
Components you MUST have installed!

“What do I need to make the Reverb work in DCS World?”
A good question and a valid concern for pilots switching from an Oculus Device to a Windows Mixed Reality device such as the Reverb.

Core Software Components
  • Windows Mixed Reality Portal
  • Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR
    • Available in the Steam Store.   <<<LINK
    • Highly recommend the BETA version of this important component.
      • Without the Beta version, you won’t get the native resolution for the Reverb at 100% or advanced Reprojection Beta.
    • Install the WMR for SteamVR, then enable the Beta version by Right-Clicking on the App name in your library.
    • Select PROPERTIES
    • Then enable via the BETAS tab.
    • wmr2wmr1
  • SteamVR

These core components will get you started on the setup and tuning to follow.
Additional tools and utilities will be called out as needed in the Initial Settings Section.

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  1. Philip Kuffner

    I have a question do I need to uninstall the Oculus software when I launch DCS it starts in Oculus not Windows Mixed reality

  2. Thomas Mildenberger

    Hi, it might be worth adding to the prerequisites that not all win10-versions qualify for the reverb. I had a windows10 PRO N (i.e. without support for WMR) and had to reinstall a normal PRO in order to be able to install the Reverb

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