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Audio Fuzz and Possible FPS Impact

@Yomo has reported he was getting significant audio choppy/fuzz after a Windows reinstall. The following is his fix and report.

While messing about with settings to improve performance after an entertaining Windows reinstall (don’t ask!), I noticed that my sound in DCS was a little choppy/fuzzy. Checked my settings in Sound Control Panel and saw that I’d forgotten to uncheck Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device in the Advanced properties tab for my sound devices.

After unchecking it in each device I’m seeing a major improvement in framerate (and the sound problems are sorted). Another reminder of the importance of system tuning and that easily overlooked details such as this can have a big impact.

This setting can be found via the Settings app;

  • – Win key, then Settings [the cog symbol]
  • Sound tab in the menu bar
  • Sound Control Panel in the Related Settings section
  • – On the Playback tab, right click on each device and choose Properties
  • – Select the Advanced tab
  • – Uncheck Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device, then click on OK to exit.

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