How To Tune Your NVIDIA Control Panel Settings In The Reverb G2

A solid starting point for Nvidia Control Panel settings

In keeping with the theme of this Blog, the goal is to give you a known good starting point, where you can begin your own tuning.

This can do a lot for taming your VR stuttering in DCS.

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  • Remember, each Rig is unique and you may need additional tunings to fit your specific situation.
  • You should have already gone through the Rig Tuning sections in the Blog to gain the best benefit from these settings.
  • This has been put together with the knowledge of the limitations of DCS, alignment to complementary settings in the Control Panel, and an expectation of high graphic quality over speed.
    • Use the Application Specific Settings in the Nvidia CP
      Rather than global.
    • Screen Shot your current settings to go back if needed.
    • Some items you change may automatically adjust other downstream of that setting.

CLICK HERE:   Download a PDF of this chart for your use!

Nvidia_CP_VR4DCS d_5