How To Conquer The Swap From Oculus To Reverb G2

Components for an Oculus Pilot Converting to Reverb
Components you MUST have installed!

“What do I need to make the Reverb work in DCS World?”
“Do I need SteamVR if I’m running DCS Stand Alone?”

Good questions and a valid concern for pilots switching from an Oculus Device to a Windows Mixed Reality device such as the Reverb.

DCS uses SteamVR as it’s the compositor and essentially the drivers for connecting to your VR Headset. For Oculus users, this is done with the Oculus software supported by DCS.

There isn’t currently direct support by DCS for Windows Mixed Reality, you need to install and use SteamVR to get started.

Core Software Components

  • Windows Mixed Reality Portal

  • Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR

    • Available in the Steam Store.   <<<LINK
    • Highly recommend the BETA version of this important component.
      • Without the Beta version, you won’t get the native resolution for the Reverb at 100% or advanced Reprojection Beta.
    • Install the WMR for SteamVR, then enable the Beta version by Right-Clicking on the App name in your library.
    • Select PROPERTIES
    • Then enable via the BETAS tab.
    • wmr2wmr1
  • SteamVR

These core components will get you started on the setup and tuning to follow.

Additional tools and utilities will be called out as needed in the
Initial Settings Section.

There are 11 comments

  1. Daniel

    I borrowed a friend’s HTC Vive while my rift cv1 was broken and was waiting for my reverb g2 to show up. I uninstalled all the Vive software when I got my g2 but still when I launch dcs I get a VivePort splash screen. What gives? Any ideas on how to take get rid of the Vive garbage? And can they also be hindering my performance?

    1. Thud

      Hi Daniel, thanks for the note!
      I recommend you drop into the VR4DCS Discord. There’s folks there who will likely have an answer for you. I’d say ask in the VR-Issues-Discussion section, likely will get some help.

    1. Thud

      SteamVR is the VR connector for DCS.
      Running DCS standalone or via Steam makes no difference. You will still need SteamVR for WMR headsets.
      Thanks for the question!

  2. Philip Kuffner

    I have a question do I need to uninstall the Oculus software when I launch DCS it starts in Oculus not Windows Mixed reality

  3. Thomas Mildenberger

    Hi, it might be worth adding to the prerequisites that not all win10-versions qualify for the reverb. I had a windows10 PRO N (i.e. without support for WMR) and had to reinstall a normal PRO in order to be able to install the Reverb

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