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How to Fix The HP Reverb G2 X570 Setup Fail


New G2 owners with an X570 motherboard and possibly new AMD CPU’s are having problems getting the G2 to initialize on setup.

What Seems To Work

  • Initializing the G2 on an Intel-Based PC
    Then reinstall in on the X570 Rig.
  • Deleting the G2 from the Device Manager
    Delete the G2 from within Device Manager.
    Unplug the G2 from your Rig and restart.
    Once started and signed in – plug the G2 back into the Rig.
    (note: you may need to try several USB ports to get activation.)
  • USB-C to GPU
    Plug the USB-C Reverb G2 connector into a GPU USB-C Port.
    (Rather than the MB one.)
  • Use the USB-C to USB-A Converter
    Plug into a USB A port.
  • Is It Plugged In???
    Check and be sure the cable connector on the HMD has “Clicked” when you plugged it in!
    • Ya – common…

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